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band saw best horizontal semi automatic price list blade sharpening

band saw best horizontal semi automatic price list blade sharpening -Author:John Ma

band saw best horizontal semi automatic price list blade sharpening

The main parts of circular sawing machine are seated;Bed and column;Saw beam and transmission mechanism;Guide device;Workpiece clamping;Tensioning device;Feeding;Hydraulic transmission system;Electrical control system;Lubrication and cooling system;

1, base base for steel plate welded together box structure, fixed on the lathe bed, column, base lumen have larger space, before the electric button control box, left for the electrical distribution board box is on the right and middle by steel plate welded hydraulic tank, chamber is equipped with hydraulic pump station, hydraulic line, cooling cutting fluid tank and water pump is on the right and bottom corners with anchor bolt holes.

2, lathe bed lathe bed for cast iron parts, on the base, the column is composed of a cylinder size, great circle pillar as a saw frame moving guide rail, saw is used to support beam lifting up and down movement, and ensure the accurate orientation, small cylindrical auxiliary role, thus ensuring the normal cutting of saw blade.Intermediate for stuffing conveying mechanism of manual and vice, vice connection have to undertake parts products in front of the workbench, the left side of the clamping device for clamping screw through the hydraulic clamping cylinder rod of inner hole, turn the handwheel or press of a button, around the left jaw movement.

3, saw beam and transmission mechanism by thick steel plate cutting forming welding and become, strong rigidity, its back right fixed worm gear box, box of worm gear and the driving wheel above saw beam fixed edge, both synchronous rotation, passive wheel and left for the saw blade tensioning position.Saw blade rotary movement by the main motor, pulley, pay by two levels of variable speed drives for worm gear transmission to the driving wheel, and passive wheel driven by a driving wheel, saw blade, saw blade speed three gears.Installed in a saw, saw blade guide device of beam and slab guide consists of left and right guide arm and guide head, left and right guide arm can move along the dovetail joint (or right guide arm is fixed on the column set), adjust the distance between the two guide arm than the workpiece size about 40 mm wide.The guide device is used to change the installation Angle of the saw blade, so that the saw blade is perpendicular to the worktable.

4. In order to ensure the cutting precision of the saw blade, the vibration is reduced.
The guide arm is equipped with a set of guide wheels (rolling bearing) and wear-resistant guide block, and the back of the saw blade also has the guide block of wear-resisting alloy.

5. The clamping mechanism is fixed in the bed, and the clamping screw runs through the hole in the hydraulic clamping cylinder. The screw is connected with the left vice clamp along the guide rail. When the left vice clamp is 10 to 30MM from the workpiece, it is connected.Press the clamps of the control panel or loosen the clamps to tighten or loosen the workpiece.

6. The tensioning device of tensioning device is composed of a skateboard seat, a skateboard, and a wire rod. When the saw blade is tensioned, a torque wrench is rotated clockwise to tighten the saw blade and is in working condition.If the sawing machine is in a long shutdown state, the torque wrench will turn the saw blade in the counterclockwise direction, and the new saw blade can be replaced after loosening the saw blade.



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