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bandsaw blade manufacturers double column machine metal cutter price in india

bandsaw blade manufacturers double column machine metal cutter price in india -Author:John Ma

bandsaw blade manufacturers double column machine metal cutter price in india 

Safety operation procedures for sawing machine.
1. Wear protective equipment according to the regulations before work, tie up the cuff and not wear the scarf, and the female workers should wear the working cap and put the hair into the cap. Gloves should not be allowed to operate in the operation.
2. It is strictly forbidden to remove the safety protection device on the machine tool arbitrarily, and check its integrity frequently. 
3. The operator must cover all protective shields before driving, and shall not open all kinds of protective shields when the machine is in operation.
4. When removing and replacing the band saw blade, it is necessary to confirm that the machine tool has stopped working before opening the saw wheel guard, and check whether the support of the protective cover is solid and reliable.
5. When working with the machine, it is forbidden to contact the running band saw blade and enter the processing zone, and it is strictly forbidden to get stuck or cut off work pieces.
6. The maximum diameter of the sawing material shall not exceed the regulation, and the workpiece must be clamped firmly.
7. The belt saw blade should be elastic, and the feed quantity must be appropriate.
8. The adjustment of the anti-dandruff steel wire brush should make the steel wire contact with the tooth part of the band saw blade, but do not exceed the root of the tooth, and observe whether the wire brush can remove the iron filings.
9. During cutting, the saw blade is broken. After replacing the new saw blade, the workpiece must be turned over and resaw. When the bow is lowered, it should be slow and not impact.
10. The cutting pipe or thin plate profile should not be less than the thickness of the material.When cutting, the handle should be back to a slow position and reduce the amount of feed. 
11. Stick to the post and observe any abnormal and timely recovery saw or stop.
12. When the material is about to be cut off, strengthen observation and pay attention to safe operation.
13. After the work is finished, place the finished product or the processed product in the corresponding region.
14. Carry out daily maintenance of machine tools, and record the spot check.
15. Clean the iron filings and residual materials near the working area.
16. Cut off the power supply such as machine tool, lighting and electric fan.




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