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bandsaw machine column horizontal semi fully automatic best blade

bandsaw machine column horizontal semi fully automatic best blade -Author:John Ma

bandsaw machine column horizontal semi fully automatic best blade 

Redirection of caterpillar band sawing machine.
It is by pulling the steering clutch on one side with the hand and the brake on the same direction, so that the track on one side will be turned on the other side. 
Modern crawler band sawing machine also has two different speed to realize the turn. 
The hydraulic drive system on the sawing machine consists of the pump, valve, oil cylinder, fuel tank, pipeline and other components.
The hydraulic circuit formed by the electric control to complete the lifting of the saw beam and the clamping of the workpiece.The speed regulating valve can be used to speed stepless speed regulation to meet the needs of different materials.Electrical control system controlled by the electrical box, box, junction box, travel switch control circuit, electromagnet, etc, used to control the saw blade, saw slewing beam lifting, workpiece clamping and so on, make it according to certain procedures to implement the normal cutting cycle.  
Lubrication system before driving on band sawing machine must according to the machine tool lubrication part (wire brush shaft, worm worm gear box, the active bearing, bearing, lift up and down cylinder shaft clamping screw sliding surfaces, vise for refueling.The worm wheel and worm in worm gear box are lubricated by oil bath of no.30, which is injected by the oil plug hole in the upper part of the worm gear box. The box is equipped with oil marks, when the saw beam is in the lowest position.
The oil surface should be between the upper and lower limit of oil.After a month's trial, oil should be changed. Once every 3-6 months, the oil will be changed once every 3 to 6 months.   
On the band saw blade drive installed on the worm gear box motor through the pulley, triangle tape drive worm gear box of worm and worm wheel, driving wheel rotates, to drive around the active, passive wheel rim on the saw blade for cutting rotary motion.The saw blade feed motion is composed of the lifting oil cylinder and the speed-regulating valve, which controls the descending speed of the saw beam to control the feed (stepless speed regulation) movement of the saw blade.The sawing brush rotates in the area where the sawblade is broken and is rotated in the direction of the saw blade, and is cleaned by the cooling pump for the coolant to remove the sawdust.The coolant cools the cutting fluid in the right side of the base, and the water pump directly drives the cooling fluid.Click on band sawing machine tight stop (stop) button, clockwise, oil pump motor, gear pump work, into the oil through the mesh line, regulation make the system work pressure relief valve requirements.Instead of pressing the button inward, all motors stop working.The workpiece clamps press the clamping button, the solenoid valve works, the hydraulic oil enters the left side of the oil cylinder, the right hydraulic oil is returned to the tank, the left clamp is clamped to the workpiece.   
The saw beam in the sawing machine is lowered by working press clamp, and the hydraulic oil enters the lift cylinder with a rod cavity through the solenoid valve;Non - pole cavity hydraulic oil through the solenoid valve, one-way speed control valve to the tank.The saw beam will drop down press the button, the hydraulic pressure will work through the solenoid valve, the oil will enter the lift oil cylinder has the rod cavity, the rod chamber oil will return to the tank through the solenoid valve.The rise of the saw beam presses the upward button, the hydraulic oil passes through the solenoid valve to enter the plunger cavity of the lift cylinder;A rod chamber oil passes through the solenoid valve to return to the tank.The workpiece is released by the clamping button, and the hydraulic oil passes through the solenoid valve to the right of the clamping cylinder.The left hydraulic oil can go through the solenoid valve back to the tank, and the left clamp is released to the left.



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