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bandsaw machine manufacturer metal cutting horizontal double column

bandsaw machine manufacturer metal cutting horizontal double column -Author:John Ma

bandsaw machine manufacturer metal cutting horizontal double column

According to the structure, the horizontal type is divided into scissor, double column, single column type band sawing machine and hensmee band sawing machine.According to the usage, it can be divided into manual type (economic manual feeding manual cutting material), automatic type;According to the automatic procedure of using controller, it can be divided into manual type (semi-automatic manual feeding) automatic type (automatic feeding automatic cutting);According to the cutting Angle, it is divided into Angle sawing machine (can saws Angle of 90 degrees 45 degrees) without Angle or 90 degree vertical cutting. 
1. Cut Angle adjustment: if you want to cut any Angle in the 45-degree Angle, loosen the fixed position first.
Hand, then turn the saw in a clockwise direction, aiming at the Angle scale that you need on the Angle ruler on this seat, and hold the handle securely. 
2, when you adjust cutting Angle, small vice Angle also needs to follow to adjust to relax vice fixed screw, then small vice into big vice, make small vice and large Angle vice same, after the lock screw.Saw belt selection:
1, saw with the same life mainly depends on an appropriate depth of turning, and turning depth is made up of saw tooth size, cutting speed (saw belt speed), the cutting force (saw bow incised speed), and incised pressure decision. 
2. The size of the tooth saw, the tooth saw is too large and the tooth number is less, it will make the cutting unstable, and because of the increase of the cutting load of each serrated, it is easy to make the serrated teeth and collapse.If the tooth saw too small, it is easy to produce sawdust blockage, and soon after use, wear and damage.When cutting the workpiece with good toughness and soft texture, use the coarse-serrated saws as far as possible. If you want to get a good cutting surface, you should select the serrated saw belt.

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