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saw blade sharpener machine bandsaw online commercial circle cutting

saw blade sharpener machine bandsaw online commercial circle cutting -Author:John Ma

saw blade sharpener machine bandsaw online commercial circle cutting

Machine adjustment: after the machine is installed, adjust the machine tool before cutting. The contents are as follows:
1. Adjust the pressure of the hydraulic system to 2.5-3.5mpa through the overflow valve (view from the pressure gauge).
2. Adjust the distance between the left and right steering arm and the two clamping clamps in the working size.
As close to work as possible, make the guide distance minimum so as to ensure a good guiding effect.The tongs are generally more than 5-6mm away from the work, 

and adjust the position of the stroke lever on the vertical column, so that the saw belt should be properly removed from the workpiece at a certain distance (generally 30-40mm).
3. Saw strips with corresponding length of saws according to technical parameters.The saw tooth shape should be based on the material.
The material shape and material are selected as follows:
(1) it is appropriate to use the saw belt with large tooth spacing, while the cutting section and thin wall tube are suitable.
Use small teeth. 
(2) the material with high sawing strength and hardness is used with fine teeth, while the other is coarse teeth.
(3) when cutting efficiency requires high and cutting aluminum alloy, use coarse teeth. 
(4) the change of tooth pitch is generally used in the section with large change in section or beam cutting, so as to reduce.eliminate
The vibration and noise during cutting make the cutting more stable. 
(5) it is appropriate to use fine teeth for the materials with high content of silicon, manganese, cobalt, nickel and chromium.
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